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Become a horse assisted coach! 5 day certification workshop in English

The goal of the 5-day train the trainer is to give you the knowledge, experience and qualification you need, to be able to conduct horse assisted education and management trainings on your own - according to our high standards of quality.


In these 5 days you will:

- learn how to coach with horses and interpret the

- practise coaching and training with and without horses

- learn efficient short time oriented coaching techniques

- know how to select the horses and stables for
  your coachings

- learn how to deal with difficult situations and participants

- increase your own soft skill repertoire

- develop your own USP and business ideas together with the group

- network with others

- have a live testing at the end of the seminar and will then be approved certified horsesense


All details concerning workshop contents click here

If you have the necessary requirements for this train the trainer seminar, we would enjoy teaching you all necessary techniques. On the last day you will have an examination (live coaching) -  and will then receive the certification. With this certification you have the proof that you have the necessary coaching competencies as well as knowledge about horses and their communication - and that you accept our high quality standards.


More information about the requirements of participation here.

More information about our quality standards here.

Once certified, you will receive a certificate and a logo of certification, which you can use for your own internet page or in flyers, which certifies you passed the examination. It does not mean you can do business under the name of horsesense - it prooves that you are working on a high quality level.


You can then also be part of our international horsesese network, the first year being free of charge. On our international website you can be named and linked to your own webpage and publish your seminar dates. You can take part in the annual meeting to meet other horsesense trainers and exchange experiences and information.

Target Group:

Psychologists, Consultants, Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, Therapists, Doctors, Human Ressource Managers, Social Workers, Trainers, Horsebreeders and Riders.

Min: 3 Max: 8-9

5 days in a block (If we only have 4 participants it will be reduced to 4 days, if we have 3 it will be reduced to 3 days. The contents, though, stay identical.)

2.950€ + 19% Tax.           

Including lunch and day snacks/drinks, including complete handout, certificate and video DVD. Including a one-hour follow up coaching.

NOT including overnight stay, breakfast/dinner, travel costs.


Train the Trainer dates 2015 in Hamburg/Germany in English


14.-18. Oktober 2014


There is a nice and inexpensive hotel near our stables, these are located in Stade, in the south of Hamburg/Germany. 


How to apply:
Write us and give us some background information about yourself and your knowledge of horses and your experience in coaching/training/consulting/teaching/therapy or other.


Train the Trainer Workshop in your own stable/abroad


Enjoy your personal train the trainer workshop in your own stable - alone or together with your collegues (max participants: 3 people). Duration: 3 days. Location: Your own stable. Costs: Equivalent to 3,5 participants (see above) + travelling and hotel expenses for 2 trainers. Contents are identical to the 5 day workshop.

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