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Who we are


Kerstin Kruse is communication consultant, coach, mediator and Mustang breeder. 2004 she founded horsesense together with Anabel Schroeder. Since 2001 she has had her media agency Kruse & Partner which today focusses on conflict solution and mediation. Teams, companies and single persons can come to her and receive individual communication concepts, conflict management, moderation and mediation as well as coachings.


Before that she worked for 11 years in the field of company communication and press relations. Since 15 years she is working selfemployed as coach, mediator and workshop moderator.


From 1985-1990 she studied at the Georg-August-University in Göttingen, Germany, she was trained as coach in 2007 and as mediator in 2008.

Anabel Schröder, born 1969, grew up in Israel and Spain, studied economics in Passau, Germany, and then worked for 10 years as international project manager and senior consultant. She then was trained as coach, trainer, psychological consultant and mediator. 2003 she started as coach, human ressource developer and moderator, 2004 she founded horsesense together with Kerstin Kruse-Völkers.


Today she is lecturer at the university of Hannover, trainer, mediator and coach. She focusses on workshops and coachings "for a better understanding" - helping participants improve their commnication skills, in appearance and presentation, in solving conflicts, in dealing with difficult people, in leading with questioning techniques, in communication skills for managers, in etting employee's buy in or in solving misunderstandings.


Anabel speaks German and English fluently and is currently doing workshops and coachings in London, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More about her here: www.anabel-schroeder.de

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